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Provide extra interaction at your event and give your visitors what they are coming for.

Meanwhile, generate a clear overview of your most important KPIs so that you can improve your event.

Your event

What exactly does the app do?

Stimulate interaction & create insight

EventInsight is developed together with 12 conferences and trade fairs. Through this collaboration, all needs have been well identified and validated.

  • Make KPIs measurable

    Our app makes sure that you make new KPIs measurable. How many contacts does each participant have at an event? Which exhibitor speaks to most participants? What is the interactivity before and after the event?

  • Direct feedback

    Bring the time for feedback forwards and ask during the day what your visitors think of the event. This way you have direct feedback and your visitors feel that they are being listened to.

  • Pre-event activity

    Make sure that the event starts immediately after purchasing the admission ticket. With our app, you can immediately decide which workshop you are going to and who you want to speak to.

  • Networking

    Our app lowers the threshold for networking. Visitors can contact each other in advance (AVG-proof), and we automatically make smart matches.

  • Strengthened business case

    Strengthen your business case for current and future exhibitors. You can (demonstrably) show what the value for the event is for them.

  • Final report

    After the event you will receive an extensive report from us with the relevant statistics, without having to take extra time. You can focus on the event, we will take care of the data.


A young team with creative and innovative people

Happy customers make us happy

Nothing is more fun than receiving positive feedback. That is why our team works hard every day on improvements to achieve your targets.

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Success Stories

See what some our of clients
say about us

Through our app the participants had all the information at hand. Participants could find all information about the event in the app and were very positive about the app's functions!

Luc Giesen

The app's introduction was a great success! We got a lot of positive feedback from our participants and great insight in the mutual communication after the event.

Bart de Groot
Conference Center The Netherlands

Our packages

We like to keep things simple, even the price. Standard packages with premium service and 100% satisfaction.


up to 150 users
(an additional €1.50 for every user thereafter)

Stimulates interaction & receives feedback from your participants in order to improve your event.

  • Personalised app
  • General & personal programme
  • Chatting and networking
  • Social feed
  • Floor plan
  • Live & directe feedback
  • Digital business card
  • Information pages


up to 1000 users
(an additional €1.00 for every user thereafter)

Gives sponsors and exhibitors a little extra and saves time with filling in the app.

  • All Essential functions, including:
  • Branded app
  • Interactive map
  • Adverts for sponsors
  • Workshop registration
  • Customised final report
  • Basics filled in by EventInsight


up to 2500 users
(an additional €0.50 for every user thereafter)

Integrates the app with your own systems and improves your event without you having to worry about it.

  • All Plus functions, including:
  • Smart dating
  • Live polling
  • Custom badges
  • API-Access
  • Full-service fill-in by EventInsight
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In August 2017 I'm approached by the boys at Almanapp if I want to work with them on a new concept; EventInsight, an app for congresses and conventions.

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Bas Krijgsman
EventInsight is born!

It's July 2017 and we are having a brain storm session at Almanapp about developing an app specifically tailored for congresses and conventions.

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Kim & Roos | Organisation HUYD 2018

"Thanks to the EventInsight app we got extra interaction between the visitors"