Our team

Ruben likes to explain which advantages our app offers to new clients.

What he promises, EventInsight delivers. If he promises something our app can't do, he is forced to do push-ups.

To date, nobody believes he is able to do more than three push-ups.
Ruben Haring

Partnership Manager (Appointment)

Jurriaan is net nieuw bij ons, dus we wachten nog even met het verhaaltje!
Jurriaan Kraaijeveld

Partnership Manager (Appointment)

Gorbi is net nieuw bij ons, dus we wachten nog even met het verhaaltje!
Gorbi Loges

Partnership Manager (DE) (Appointment)

Djurre manages the Android part of the app and has built the admin panel for a large part.

In his free time he is a dance instructor and likes to go to the karaoke bar.
Djurre de Boer

Android developer

Bas keeps track of the technology and makes sure all the apps stay online.

He thinks his code always works best, but is often rebuked on this by the rest.
Bas Krijgsman

IOS & Support

Jari manages the contact and guides our clients towards a smooth launch of the app.

If a client is unsatisfied, he is not allowed to join lunch and has to wash the dishes. Needless to say, he has never had to wash the dishes...
Jari Meevis


Jasper selecteert onze doelgroep met grootste precisie.
Jasper Traas

Data Entry

If there is anything you need to know about excel sheets you can contact Duco. He is carefully monitoring EventInsight's developments.

He also makes sure there is enough capacity to sufficiently serve our clients.
Duco van den Bold


Dollie is mainly concerned with lying in the way and bothering employees.

If you are in need of some extra love you can get cuddles from her.
Dollie the Dog

Recreation & Entertainment