Enthousiastic Early Adopters

Ruben Haring

Enthousiastic Early Adopters

In August 2017 I'm approached by the boys at Almanapp if I want to work with them on a new concept; EventInsight, an app for congresses and conventions. After short deliberation I decide to have a look at the office to discuss the possibilities.

As soon as we dive deeper, it turns out to be a different kind of challenge than expected. The unique framework for applications still needs to be built and adapted for congresses and fairs. In short, the current status is no more than a good idea; I am convinced.

The goal for September and October is to turn ten organizations into EventInsight Early Adopters. Of course we have to find them first, through whichever channel. Through good acquaintances and the hard work of our sales team we have soon found our first EventInsight Early Adopters.

Often I got questions like: Where can we download the demo app? Where can I see what the app looks like? Which events have you all already done? I could answer that the idea was crystal clear, and our team is motivated.

In the beginning of November we have overperformed by 20% and now have twelve EventInsight Early Adopters. Through our conversations with Early Adopters we have found what the precise expectations and the specific (conference/sector-related) desires are. We are all in agreement that we prepare each event for an apex of innovation. One thing is for sure; the bar has been set very high.

Halfway through November the time has truly arrived to turn our idea into a real product. The ball is in the technical department's court; they have two months to build a top-notch app for every Early Adopter. It's almost December, so fingers crossed.