EventInsight is born!

Bas Krijgsman

EventInsight is born!

It's July 2017 and we are having a brain storm session at Almanapp about developing an app specifically tailored for congresses and conventions. Almanapp is a company from Groningen that has been developing mobile apps since 2013. Since 2017 it is located in The Big Building, the former PostNL building that has recently been populated with creative and innovative start-ups. The new energy that this new environment provided was immediately noticeable. Back to July 2017. At the moment it is not yet known what the app will look like, what it will do and for which organizations it will offer a solution. What is clear however, is that Almanapp,with its unique framework, makes developing apps approachable and ensures that specific solutions for congresses and conventions willl be affordable.

EventInsight provides the organization with new data and more insights into the interaction at a convention.

After several brain storm sessions we agreed on what the app should be able to do:

1. Provide better insights to the organization in mutual communication between participants
2. Improve lead generation for exhibitors and visitors
3. Show general and personalized schedule
4. Enable contact between organization and participants through chats and push notifications
5. Smart networking; making automatic connections between participants to encourage networking.
6. Generate a final report for the organization with feedback for improving the event

And now the name?

Now that we knew exactly what the app had to do and how we were going to approach our development process, we went looking for a name. Almanapp held a social gathering for the entire Big Building in Groningen to get input from every side. Our suggestion board was filled in no-time, but one of them jumped out immediately: EventInsight! with the help of The Big Building's creativity, our name was born.

Start-up guru Nick Stevens had some experience with developing this kind of app and advised us to find a group of enthousiastic pilot clients to help us develop and test our new platform. Nick helped us with interesting follow-up appointments with among others the organizations of TED Groningen and the Social Impact Days. Without Nick's advice and our location in The Big Building we would have never had access like this. At the moment we can tell you that our enthousiastic pilot customers are being transformed into real EventInsight Early Adopters. You can read how we achieved that here.